Our Pledge to You: A Relationship of Trust

  • •  We do what makes the most sense for your project - and best serves your needs and interests.
  • •  We continuously solicit your feedback to keep you involved - while taking up a minimum of your time.
  • •  We develop top-quality software that satisfies real needs with fast development cycles and very competitive rates.
  • •  Our expert developers are motivated to deliver the best results for you.
  • •  Our agile working methodology produces superior software that addresses real issues -- while being reliable and easy to use, maintain and evolve.
  • •  Our iterative "evolving milestone" process helps reduce development time and deliver better products -- even if you have little or no specifications (or specifications that are incorrect or changing).

Our Services

a reputation for honesty and integrity

Mobs Software Solutions - Software Development Services

Based out of Chennai, TN, India, Mobs Software Solutions has been at the forefront of innovative software development since 2006.

Specializing in the development of software for organizations that incorporate our work into their own product offerings -- marketed under their own company or brand name -- we have completed hundreds of software development projects for many companies, focusing on high levels of achievement and uncompromising integrity.
Our use of Agile Methodology enables us to focus on the right solution with Faster Development time and lower overall cost. Our engineers communicate directly with our clients through virtual meetings, phone or Skype, and e-mail. We work closely with our clients, effectively becoming part of their company for the duration of the projects, working efficiently to take up a minimum of their time.
A large portion of our work is repeat business and from referrals.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team coaches and consulting our engineers to ensure that they continue on track to capably deliver quality software that satisfies the real needs of our clients.

Young Wright

Young WrightYoung coaches and mentors the teams to do what makes the most sense for each project. He has over seven years of experience in software development and architecture, along with building and managing software development teams. Throughout his career at DESS and Mobs Software Solutions, Young and his teams have consistently developed successful software products for various industries that have been released to market. In addition to his graduate degree in Electrical Engineering and extensive technical expertise, Young has completed an DCA, BCA and Masters Degree in MCA. This combination of technical, business enables him to put up successful teams with engineers that enjoy their work while obtaining wonderful results for our clients.

Software Development Teams

We recruit the top software engineers. Most of our programmers have masters degrees.
For example, the typical programmer at the Mobs Software Solutions International office in Chennai has graduated from a specialized Computer Science High School before earning a undergraduate and masters degrees in Computer Science from Madras University and Anna University.

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